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if-then's for music checking

This is something that I've thought about for some time, but only just figured out how it might be accomplished. Namely, how you might do if-then statements for smarter music-checking within iJournal. With the current system, if you have you system set to
__TITLE__ [__ARTIST__'s __ALBUM__]
, and you were listening to, say, the song I'm listening to, but you didn't have any iD3vx value for the album, iJournal would return, from iTunes, the ugly string "
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) [RobD's ]
. Just by looking at that, I'm sure you can see the immediate problem. Now comes the question, how would you implement an obviously-needed if-then check system? Quite simply.

I don't know the needed code for the backend, but I imagine you could code in something like the following:


The "
" and "
" being for, respectively, "iJournal If-Then Music Check" and "End iJournal If-Then Music Check". Basically, iJournal would check to see if the
statement returned null. If it did, it wouldn't place anything between the if-then statement check tags. If it did, however, you would get a nice, cleanly formatted string like
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) [RobD's The Matrix Soundtrack]
. This method could be used to enclose multiple iJournal music-replace tags, even, employing the same method but just checking to see if all values return non-null.

This is something I'd definitely like to see implemented soon...

Comments? Suggestions? What you think, Cryo? ;)

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