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if-then's for music checking

This is something that I've thought about for some time, but only just figured out how it might be accomplished. Namely, how you might do if-then statements for smarter music-checking within iJournal. With the current system, if you have you system set to
__TITLE__ [__ARTIST__'s __ALBUM__]
, and you were listening to, say, the song I'm listening to, but you didn't have any iD3vx value for the album, iJournal would return, from iTunes, the ugly string "
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) [RobD's ]
. Just by looking at that, I'm sure you can see the immediate problem. Now comes the question, how would you implement an obviously-needed if-then check system? Quite simply.

I don't know the needed code for the backend, but I imagine you could code in something like the following:


The "
" and "
" being for, respectively, "iJournal If-Then Music Check" and "End iJournal If-Then Music Check". Basically, iJournal would check to see if the
statement returned null. If it did, it wouldn't place anything between the if-then statement check tags. If it did, however, you would get a nice, cleanly formatted string like
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) [RobD's The Matrix Soundtrack]
. This method could be used to enclose multiple iJournal music-replace tags, even, employing the same method but just checking to see if all values return non-null.

This is something I'd definitely like to see implemented soon...

Comments? Suggestions? What you think, Cryo? ;)


Apr. 1st, 2002 05:06 pm (UTC)
agreed. low priority feature enhancement (you can manually do this yourself).

Yes, you can manually do this yourself, but it's just one more thing to take time away from the important stuff--writing the posts themselves. And after all, why do it the hard and slightly annoying way (editing the music text yourself)? That's so...so...Windows-esq. Save me, bring on the Mac goodness. ^_~


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