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Curse it all to the deepest depths of the earth's mantle...

iJournal is six feet under for me right now. All I get when I open it up is the spinning beachball of doom, and if I wait like 10 minutes, it says my login failed. I try to login again, and spinning beachball.


Sigh, and not being a paid user, I get to deal with update.bml?mode=full, whose speed is equal to Oprah running six miles in molasses.

Stupid Webby Awards and stupid half a million LJ users and stupid me not having a credit card so I cant buy a paid account.

So, what do I do about iJournal? I'm on the newest version(whatever it is) under 10.1.3 (build 5Q110) on a iMac DV+ 450 with a 56k connection to the net via AOL (so sue me. my parents pay, i dont.)

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