bob (etrepum) wrote in ijournal,

mm threads

Has anyone seen this before?

2002-04-29 00:53:20.980 osascript[15670] *** Uncaught exception: Unexpected character ( at line 0
2002-04-29 00:53:22.085 osascript[15671] *** Uncaught exception: Unexpected character ( at line 0
2002-04-29 00:53:23.250 osascript[15672] *** Uncaught exception: Unexpected character ( at line 0

(this would be in the console, while running iJournal)

For whatever reason the tune fetch thing isn't working for me anymore, this is from CVS, it worked fine from whatever version pre-CVS I was using, I don't know what it was though.. I've made some pretty heavy modifications to the friend checking code (i.e. I made it work from dock contextual & application menus, and I made it check in a separate thread so it doesn't interrupt you while typing or whatever).

So how does one get CVS commit access to the sf repository around here?

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