Brad (ibrad) wrote in ijournal,

interesting post, IB question

First, my apologies to those who are in the macosxdev community, but I know a lot of you aren't, so.. check out this post regarding future Carbon/Cocoa app interfaces. I'm sure everyone will find it of interest, especially those who gawked so at my little idea of a more iApp-like version of iJournal a while back. ;)

Second, I've used cvs several times to get the latest version of iJournal, I've built it, looked around, use it, and in vain I've tried quite a few times to find any file that is editable with InterfaceBuilder... I'm embarrassed to say that I can't seem to find it! Which of the files can I edit with IB, just to play around with interface stuff? Where do I get it, if I'm not just missing where it is in the cvs modules I've downloaded (just "LiveJournal," that I know of..)?
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