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Thank you for downloading and installing LiveJournal for Mac OS X.

Here I'll keep you as up-to-date as I can on the development of the client.

Let's start with the current snippit out of the readme.rtf:

http 1.1 results were confusing me. (thanks ciannait/drstein)
additional checks for connections (aaron)
reset mood music, etc flags after successful post (ciannait)'
1.31 - fixed proxy thinko (aaron)
1.32 - screwed up the dist for and sent out 1.30 again. oops.
1.33 - fixed posting security (ciannait)

I just finished multi-user support, and made some more UI intuition changes.

* preferences for [livejournalWindow setHidesOnDeactivate:] (ciannait)
* Friend Groups

Known issues:
* Posting security has groups in there as a selection but acts like friends-only. (will work eventually)
* reported issues with proxy support (aaron) [still open]

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