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I just noticed a bug in the groups management window. When you click the "Add to Group" button, it does, indeed, add the selected friend to your group, but it doesn't update the "Not in Group" list. Therefore, user "X" appears both in your "In Group" list and your "Not in Group" list.
Secondly is a minor gripe regarding the friends manager status icons (green arrow, yellow arrow, blue tick). It would make more sense to me, at least, to have the green arrow indicate one-way connection from user X to you (given that it's "pointing to you", like an incoming connection) and to have the yellow arrow be a one-way connection from you to user X (given that it's "pointing away from you", like an outgoing connection). I know, it's a stupid gripe...but it makes more sense to me that way. :)
Also about the friends manager: an interesting idea that I thought of would be two buttons. One button "Show One-Way Connections" would show you, in the friends list, only the connections that were either X-you or you-X. For someone like me, at least, who has a large friends/friend-of list, it would make managing it a lot easier. The second button "Show All" would, of course, show all the friends (as the list currently does).
Speaking of friends, may I suggest that the "Friends" menuitem say, instead, "Friends/Groups..."? Two reasons: first, it opens the friends/groups window (self-explanatory), and secondly it has an ellipsis, indicating it opening a new window.
One last thing about the friends manager: it would be really cool if it automatically marked community journals with a "C" icon, instead of showing them as a normal friend.

Any thoughts, people?

By the way: I love the new version. :)


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May. 30th, 2002 05:54 pm (UTC)
You know, I originally had the arrows that way, but Cryo insisted I change them. :) That's the only part of your post I actually understood. :\
Jun. 2nd, 2002 02:11 am (UTC)
how do i use live journal in my websie i just downloaded the content fro livejournal.com...what next.
thanx, dennis
Jun. 4th, 2002 08:53 pm (UTC)
sucking wind
iJournal is really crapptastic right now. It won't upload entries, plain and simple. I have to write the entries on the website, which completely defeats the point of having a client in the first place. What da dilly>?
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