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suggestion: ability to save draft journal entries

hi there -

i'm relatively new to the livejournal community, and even newer to iJournal, so please forgive me if this has been discussed before.

my main computer is my tangerine iBook. lots of times I want to work on a journal entry when i'm not connected to the internet. other times i want to pause while writing a journal entry and come back to it later. sometimes i just want to save the entry i'm working on in case my laptop crashes.

i guess i've wanted a way to save a journal draft before posting it, and to journal offline for later uploading.

i can't be the only person who has thought of this, so i'm thinking that maybe there's a reason or a philosophy as to why this doesn't exist.

does everybody just use TextEdit or BBEdit for journal drafts and then cut and paste into iJournal when it's time to post?

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