Cryo (cryo) wrote in ijournal,

version confusion

Yes, the new version is 1.6, which is less than some of the releases out there called 1.38 or 1.39...

How did this happen?
Basically, I was using a version and revision setup.. during the early development, it was 0.5/1.XX which
was whatever the check-in into the source repository was. When something major was added, I bumped
it.. finally we were at 0.9/1.38 which was version 0.9, revision 1.38... confused yet?

Then..we moved to the new repository on sourceforge when I released out the source code.. this was
a major change, so I bumped the Version to 1.0 (some places had 1.0 instead of 0.9 as the version, others
were using the Revision as the Version).. oh yeh.. even more confusion...

Now it gets better.

Revisions are GONE. I've moved from updating the version on checkins, to a separate version.h file which
contains the version. This is no long automated based on me checking in one of the source files, because
CVS would bump the revision.

If you aren't totally confused and ignoring the rest of my post, here's what is going on now:

We are currently at 1.6, which I haven't released yet. I just put a new icon in for it, which is the icon we
use for this livejournal... and some other changes.

Now, should I bump the version 1.40 to make it clearer with what is already out there?

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