Brad (ibrad) wrote in ijournal,


Has anyone else experienced... difficulty, in trying to use the Edit Friends feature of iJournal? I've got both 1.48 and the latest CVS 1.48, and neither one seems to work for me! I select it from the File menu, I get a timebar at the bottom of the entry window, then the rainbow spinning cursor comes, and then it stops and nothing has happened, It's driving me insane, why does it do this, and is it just me?! What could cause this—everything else in iJournal seems to work fine, my cable modem is functioning normally, and my iMac is no speed demon, but things are configured correctly and I seldom ever have issues like this which I can't resolve. This is making me go nuts.

Please help, I haven't touched my friends list in quite a while and I'd really like to do some editing there.. :( I tried it with the 1.46 client I had somewhere, but it only shows those already on your list, d'oh!

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