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Hi :snort: I'm new here, new to Macs, and I will never own a PC again. I am a pit apple-stupid and only learned today that taking a floppy disk out BEFORE trashing the icon is very BAD. After you all stop laughing maybe you can answer my one remaining question. I downloaded the client with no problem, used it once, and when I turned my comp back on later the program didn't seem to be there. Here is my stupid question:

When I dled it I got the little icon that says "iJournal", a zip type thing, and something else that appeared when I opened the zip type thing. I'm wondering which of these I can delete while being able to use the program??? I'm kind of a desktop minimalist and I can't seem to believe I need these all hanging around... typically when I install something small from the internet I can ditch the setup files with no problem (worked with AIM) so...what am I doing wrong?

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