Brad (ibrad) wrote in ijournal,

friends view table sorting, etc

Just curious, since the “Friends” editing window has a regular table with columns for friend status (icon), username (friend), and alias (name), why can't it be sorted? I'd like to sort it by friend status, so that I could have a quick list of who in the list aren't mutual friends with me (one way or another). I thought all tables like this could be sorted, I guess not. I click on the column headers and nothing happens. I guess it would be a nice feature, in the future.

In fact I'm not real sure about the entire friends-editing interface. It works... but it doesn't seem as efficient or logically put-together as it could be. It mirrors almost exactly the Windows client's friends-editing window. It would be nice to see an approach without tabs, perhaps where you select a friend in the table and to the right would be a multi-line select box listing your friends groups, and one could select or deselect the groups that said friend was in (control-clicking to add them to multiple groups). The current group interface makes sense for when you're creating groups but it is a bit of a headache when you add new friends and then have to go through each group, find the new friends, and add them individually. Perhaps the group interface as it stands is better suited for just that initial creation of groups, and could be fit into a sheet dialog upon creation of a friends group?

It would also be nice if this updated friends interface allowed editing of friend colors more easily, without popping up a new dialog... it's a bit silly to have to delete and re-add a friend just to change their colors; that may be the way LiveJournal works but the client's frontend could make it seem more logical, no?

Speaking of innovating the front-end to improve the general iJournal experience, could there be a way to rename friend groups, possibly? Though then, the problem is all of the old entries with the old friend group. Perhaps through deleting and recreating? Or maybe just creating a new friends group, adding all of the same friends to it, and iJournal keeping a database of old friend groups that you have “renamed,” but still exist, and it could just not show those in the “New Entry” interface. Just an idea.. sometimes it seems futile getting through to the backend developers to add user-friendly features like this, thus it might be better to just innovate a client-side solution.

Friend statistics would also be nice. Just a little 'status bar' type approach at the top of the window, saying how many friends you have, what percentage are mutual, or you don't have on your list...

In any case, v1.49 is working great so far.. at least I think it's 1.49, I can't seem to find any reference to the version number in the “About...” box anymore..

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