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better support for more services and accounts therein

Just this morning I attempted a login to my uJournal account, by going to File>Login As, and manually editing the server and login info. It worked well, as expected, but I was disappointed to see that my previous settings weren't saved in any way, and that there was no preincluded way to easily save servers and accounts and swap between them. I was able to remember and re-input the LiveJournal server and login info myself, but it would be helpful if you could create "accounts" (custom server and login presets) within iJournal.

IE, to have a real journal account management service (for those of us who use multiple services), in which I would be able to create, for example, a "LiveJournal - Athagon" account/setting within iJournal, and have that "account" hold my LiveJournal login and server info. Then, to be able to create similar "accounts" (really just saved login/server settings) for whatever other services you might use -- DeadJournal, uJournal, or whatever. I imagine that if you implemented this, you could implement a menu item to switch between them with ease. (EG, File>Accounts>>Foobar).

I don't think it would be hard to do...? Just a manner of creating a way for iJournal to store server/user settings. IE, "Create New iJournal Login," then input "server," "username," and "password." Give it a name, save, and live in multiservice bliss. ^_~

Does that make sense, and/or sound viable? Sorry if it sounds confusing.

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