Brian Kendig (foxmagic) wrote in ijournal,
Brian Kendig

Comments on trying iJournal for the first time

First off: Very nice! I like! I used to have to boot up Windows to use the LJ client there whenever I wanted to see a concise list of where I stood with all my friends (if there was anyone who added me recently, for example, so I could add them back). It's really nice to have this feature on Mac OS X now, and in an app that looks so nice!

A couple comments on things I noticed:

- The 'busy' animated picture should be the same grey spinner you see when checking mail, or when booting up / shutting down, instead of the 'flowing colors' square in the bottom left corner of the iJournal window.

- iJournal opens its main window whenever I click its icon in the Dock. It should only open its main window if it doesn't have any other windows open. If I have the 'Friends' window open and I click on the iJournal icon in the Dock, then it should only bring the Friends window forwards; it shouldn't open a new main window.

- The iTunes button to read in the name of the current track is very cool!!

- Having a list of my friends groups on the 'Sec' menu is also very cool! :) Great job!

- It might be neat if, instead of having to choose a userpic by name, I could slide a tray containing all my userpics out from the side of the iJournal window, and then click on an actual pic to select it. :) Or maybe not... at least, could you make 'Pic' a link to my userpic page, so I can refresh my memory as to what pics I gave what keywords?

- Is there any possibility that you might add the option to download the entire contents of a journal (including comments) so that I can archive it on my own computer, just in case anything ever happens to the LiveJournal site itself?

Great work! iJournal is a really good program!

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