Brad (ibrad) wrote in ijournal,

another please-put-in-some-stops-so-entries-don't-get-wiped-so-easily request

I was typing up an entry, and I wanted to add someone to my friends list, but I accidentally chose "Last Entry" instead of "Friends" in the File menu, and despite my cmd-period and looking for a way to cancel this (and of course waiting for some kind of dialog asking me if I wanted to lose the entry I had just been writing), it loaded the past entry, and as soon as I submitted it (with no changes, obv), I was greeted with a blank iJournal window.

I really think that there should be some kind of safeguard against this, it's too easy to lose a journal entry with iJournal. I think it should auto-save to a draft based on the title and the time/date, and anything that happens you'll be able to cancel before it takes over the editing box or reverse if you did something you didn't want to. Shouldn't it at least check to see if there's something in here before loading up the last entry and ask the user what to do?

Thanks for all the hard work lately, too, and thanks in advance for anyone who takes on this issue.

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