Her Most Serene Highness Alayna of Eschaton End (anda) wrote in ijournal,
Her Most Serene Highness Alayna of Eschaton End

iJournal and OSX.2 issues

I like iJournal. Under OSX.1, it worked great. But ever since this computer got upgraded to X.2, it's been giving me trouble.

Symptoms include:

  • Really slow startup, on the order of a few minutes.
  • Get the spinning disk of doom a lot.
  • It has trouble getting my Tunes from iTunes, even if I manually click on the Tunes button.
  • Losing its brain about connecting to LJ (a lot of 'Server Problem, try again shortly' messages - which aren't true, since I am concurrently viewing it in my web browser!) The only solution to which seems to be 'quit; restart iJournal;' which is a pain, given the slowness to start up.

I tried removing it and (re)installing the latest version, no help.


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