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iJournal ignores System wide Preferences/iTunes 3.0.1 problem

I noticed that iJournal 1.49 completely ignores my preferences for my preferred browser, and with items like WindowShadeX and FruitMenu, it says that the demos have expired, when in fact I've had them registered for months.

I don't know anything about Cocoa, so I can't suggest a fix.

Also, everytime an iTunes upgrade comes out iJournal has to be updated in order to recognize the new version in order to grab the current song playing. Would it be possible add a preference allowing a user to choose which version of iTunes iJournal points at?

...okay, this is really weird, but I just noticed that now it works. I guess iTunes has to be open and playing when iJournal launches in order to update the pointer to iTunes. I've guess I hadn't had these circumstances since I upgraded to 3.0.1, so I thought it was broken.

Overall, iJournal makes using LiveJournal a breeze. I make a lot more entries because of this puppy. Thanks iJ developers!

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