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Posting from within the latest CVS build

General comments:

Preview mode:
It looks like an okay start. I thought that "HTML View" and "Text View" were somewhat confusing labels, though. Maybe "Edit Mode" and "Preview Mode" instead?

What would be really neat is "Text View" were a real, bona-fide preview mode.
I.E., instead of just rendering the typed HTML, if iJ could open a new window, download referenced images into cache (instead of just showing a little "img here" icon), download appropriate mood images, background images...etc.
A real preview mode, from LJ's servers, on how your post would really look. That would be cool. :D

Smart Quotes:
Smart Quotes look okay; although I'm not really sure what their point is.

Thank god the "lj-cut end tag" bug is fixed. :)

No more brushed metal! Woohoo!

Much better wait icon.

It seems a bit strange to me to have the J/S/P (Journal, Security, Picture) popups in the toolbar. Buttons I can understand, but popup lists? The toolbar is supposed to be like a shelf; it seems very counterintuitive to me to have control functions like that in it.
Perhaps the buttons could remain in the toolbar, but the popups could be on the bottom of the window?
Actually, I would advise either a major window retooling, or organizer other than a toolbar. Right now the window looks very cluttered.

Bug Reports:
"m" denotes minor, "o" denotes medium, "r" denotes major

1m) Preferences>Options.
"Auto Spell" should read "Automatically Check Spelling" or "Spellcheck Automatically" or even "Auto Spellcheck."

2m) Main window.
iTunes icon needs to be updated, perhaps? (Shows iTunes 2 icon).

3o) Friends window.
Duplicated friends bug still exists. E.G., if you have a friend group ("fooGroup"), and a friend ("fooFriend") who is in that group, fooFriend will also show up in both the "In Group" and "Not In Group" lists.

4o) "Find" window.
Find/Replace is still pretty buggy. Sometimes it finds things, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it replaces the selection, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it replaces it multiple times, leading to word-strings like "andandandandand." Also, the window should close on find, but not on replace. Notification needs to be given when a replacement has happened.

5r) Login window.
I know this has been reported before, but this needs a serious workover, so I'm reporting it anyway. :)
Choosing "Login" while writing a post will clear the entry window. The window doesn't save multiple servers/states. There needs to be a "Cancel" button, in addition to "Login" and "Quit."

Feature Requests:

A "save" function would be über-handy. (Cmd+S?)
Perhaps "save" could write to a temporary file. The file could be cleared on posting, and read from on iJ startup. Expansion:

The ability to have different saved temp files for different entries (maybe even different save-sets for different servers!) EG, I could start a new post titled "foo1," type some of it, then save. I could then start another new post, title it "foo2," type some of it, and save it, then quit iJ. Later, on reopening iJ, I could be presented with a window offering me a choice of in-progress posts to continue (or perhaps servers, then posts from within that server). The files could be modified and deleted as needed.

I still think it would be neat to have "Cmd+Shift+I" insert a <i> when there isn't any text highlighted, or, if there is already a preceding i-tag, a </i>. (Obviously, this goes for B/I/U, not just I).
Also, no strikethrough support? Only B/I/U? Strike is either <s> </s> or <strike> </strike>. strike example.

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