"Gwynn" Aaron G. Peabody (gwynn_aaron) wrote in ijournal,
"Gwynn" Aaron G. Peabody

Just noticed this error

I can't recall having heard anyone comment on this before so I thought I'd mention it. I was using the "cut" tag yesterday via Command-K and the cut tag was not working for me. So I looked at it a little more closely, saw something that didn't look right, tried changing it, and found that it worked. Here's the code it created:

<lj-cut text="text to display">
text to hide

Now I figured that if LJ's tags were anything like HTML then the closing tag should not be different from the opening tag. So I changed the closing tag to be the same and sure enough it worked:

<lj-cut text="text to display">
text to hide

So when the developer has a chance they may wish to take a look at this.

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