Cryo (cryo) wrote in ijournal,

bug reports

It's pretty impossible to keep track of the posts in here with bugs and requests for features.

However, we have a place where you can file bugs for us to look at and fix here. Please submit them there with as complete of a description as possible so we can address them (as well as keep the duplicates down). That doesn't mean you shouldn't mention them here... just make sure you file a report as well please ;).

Also, please keep in mind that iJournal is still under development, and isn't feature complete. 1.50 represents a release that wasn't ready to be pushed out the door, but had to be cobbled together in order to deal with the recent issues with the last version. This means the icons aren't the final ones, nor do all things quite work the way they used to, and there's always the possibility of introducing new bugs. We always welcome help on the project, and with the complete GUI and code rototill, it's starting to look pretty nice. The source code is available, and patches can be sent to me, as well as icons, help files and documentation (which we need badly). We appreciate all of the help and support :).

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