Athagon (athagon) wrote in ijournal,

a couple more things

First off, I've noticed an interface glitch that appears at the bottom of the iJournal window, when editing a post:
iJournal Window Glitch

Secondly, until it was mentioned in my previous post here, I had no idea what Quiet Mode did (admittedly, I had never bothered to see if there was a tooltip for it). Maybe it could be better named, something like "Suppress Dialogs When Possible"?
Also, I'd love it if there were a sub-option of quiet mode -- i.e., an option that only becomes available when quiet mode is turned on -- which would allow the contents of the dialog boxes to be reported in the status bar. That would be perfect. No status sheets, but results still reported. (Perhaps "Show Server Messages In Status Bar"?) :)

Lastly, may I just add that this version of iJournal rocks. Thank you, guys. :)

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