The brother is always watching. (fonny) wrote in ijournal,
The brother is always watching.

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now that i've asked one question :)

three more!

1) the IE for OS X. when it displays LJ comments, it will only display one instead of the entire page of comments. is it just me?

2) i've installed the OS X LJ client numerous times now, and it seems to me that if i delete the dmg file after installation/mounting then the client disappears from my HD the next time i start up. why is that? what is the correct way for me to install? (i'm new to OS X). also i like keeping my apps all in one place, but i guess since the LJ client is a disk/server/whatever i can't move it into my app folder, correct? i'm verily confused.

3) is there an OS X community in which i can ask questions about OS X? instead of me clogging up the community for the OS X LJ client :)

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