shaun (corporatesnob) wrote in ijournal,

autosave for iJournal?

last night i wrote the longest post *ever,* and then lost it to a crash. it wasn't really iJournal's fault, per se- AOL disconnected me (not because i was idle- just a host connection failure) while i was writing the post. i didn't realize this, and when i clicked "submit," iJournal gave me a connection failure dialog box and then went down.

my question/suggestion is this: is it possible for iJournal to, upon the user clicking "submit," save the post first into a preset folder (sorta like how browsers cache in the preferences folder) and then send? this way, not only would all posts be saved, but it would prevent the loss of posts when the situation like the one i've described occurs.

overall, iJournal is a really cool, easy-to-use app. thanks.
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