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multiple logins

So I was idly looking at xjournal. There's some discussion going on about adding functionality for multiple logins; it seems that it currently has no facility for changing users.

I recently started a secondary, very-limited-access journal. So far, I've only posted to it with iJournal; I haven't even used the web client. Posting to the secondary journal is a simple matter of doing shift-apple-l, typing the first letter of it (since the name field is an auto-filling combo thingy), tabbing into the password field and typing that, then writing the entry... well, maybe not all that simple. Especially when the login sheet blocks the entry window, only offers 'Quit' and 'Login', and erases any current entry when you hit 'Login'!

So I'm thinking. What if there was a way to make multiple LJ logins quickly and non-destructively available?

Another popup menu on the entry window somewhere?

A menu item for 'Switch user ->" with a submenu of all the users you've logged in as (or otherwise defined - if I let a friend use my machine for a quick entry via iJ, I wouldn't want to have their password automatically saved!)

Maybe a new preferences panel where you can define several users? And an extended journal-to-post-in popup that would list the name, then any communities that login was allowed to post to with a couple of spaces as prefixes, then another name, then their communities if any, and so on? (With that, how do you tell the difference between posting as two different users who happen to have access to the same community?)

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