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Woo! CVS 1s t3h r0xx0r!

After wooble said there was a patch for iJournal in CVS, I just had to go and do it.

Hopefully, I won't piss off the developers too much by posting how to do it. Since wooble announced it, I'm guessing it's okay. And be warned, it isn't for "n00bs", as he said.

Why? Because you're downloading the source to iJournal and compiling it yourself. If you haven't done that before, ya probably don't wanna. And bitching about problems in code you get this way is so totally uncool.

Now if that hasn't scared you off.... wade in.

Warning: Here there be command-line hackery.

  1. Open Terminal. cd to where you'd like to build your latest-CVS version of iJournal.
  2. In Terminal, do this (just hit return for the password):
    cvs login
  3. If that gets you an error message, wait a few minutes, then try again.
  4. Then, in Terminal, do this:
    cvs -z3 co iJournal
  5. This will spew out a bunch of messages listing files it's getting off of a server at SourceForge and leave you with a directory called (duh) iJournal.
  6. Now, in Terminal, do this:
    open iJournal/iJournal.pbproj
  7. This will start up Project Builder. In Project Builder, select "Build" from the "Build" menu.
  8. This will produce a new window that will spew a few messages about how it's compiling a whole bunch of files and whatnot. When it stops, you've got your very own iJournal from the latest (unproven, unreleased) CVS source code. It will be in the directory iJournal/build/, where you'll find (or just "iJournal" from the Finder). Either leave it there and run it as usual, or drag it where you'd like it.

That should do it. I'm using it right now.

Just remember: you're doing this on your own. Your milage may vary. I am not a lawyer. Etc. Etc. And don't complain to the nice iJournal developers that make this cool tool available for free. And don't complain to me either. I'm just a geek, not one of the iJournal developers.


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