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i am sort of new to the group.. i d/l iJournal a while ago when i first got my iBook, then i had to go back to my os 9 iMac because i got a C on my report card 1 quarter. now i have it back :D i am happy with iJournal except that i have like 1 or 2 minor problems..

is it jsut me or does iJournal not keep updated on one's settings? like, my friends groups have changed (i changed them in my browser because i had to go back to my iMac... i got my iBook taken away because of a C on my report card), and the communities/ journals i can post to? also, it can't grab my iTunes music (i have the latest version of iTunes and os x (well, not panther).

am i out of the loop again?

btw i'm 16 and always looking for Mac friends :D


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Jul. 23rd, 2003 06:45 am (UTC)
Make sure you have the newest version of iJournal as well; older versions do not work with iTunes 4.

The editor for friends groups is buggy. That's a known issue and you'll probably have trouble editing friends groups in iJournal. The communities you're allowed to post to and the friend group names you can use for security are fetched from LiveJournal's servers ecery time you log in and if they're wrong it's most likely a problem with your LiveJournal account itself; I'm not aware of any bugs related to loading those. They should be the same lists you get using the web interface.
Jul. 23rd, 2003 08:37 am (UTC)
thanks :D i went and d/l the newes version and now it works fine except for that friends group menu...

as a suggestion, it should be checkboxes like in the web interface, not a drop-down menu. that way, if you want certian people to see it but don't want like 50 billion friends groups, you can check Jason, Katie and Zach to see it, but not Joe and Cate, and not your other friends groups- the ones with multiple people in them.
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