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iJournal 1.53 Release Candidate (updated)

Since cryo hasn't got around to making an official release but the code seems to be ready to release, I figured I would post this, a release candidate.

Check it out:
iJournal 1.53 Release Candidate 2

What's new:
-passwords are now stored in the Keychain
-posts are now saved whenever you post, re-login, quit, or every one minute (if you set that option) and restored when you login
-new backdate feature
-bug fixes which should stop the crash during posting that many users were experiencing
-other under-the-hood bug fixes which clean up a few issues that could arise

Hopefully cryo will post the official release on his site, soon.

-noticed a last minute bug which caused the friend names to not complete on their own. I replaced the version at the above link with Release Candidate 2 which contains a fix.

Tell me what you think,


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Nov. 20th, 2003 11:44 pm (UTC)
I wish you wouldn't do this, it only makes it more difficult to track bugs (is it in RC1, but not RC2, what about 1.52, or is that (see http://bugs.warped.com)

There's still a bug with in the keychain that's blocking that causes the app to crash for people, especially new users.

I understand the desire to get this release out, but it needs to have this resolved and verified first.

If you can take a few to check it, delete your iJ prefs and see if you can get it to crash without a password (the part which deletes the entry from the keychain when the password is empty is where the issue is).
Nov. 21st, 2003 12:02 am (UTC)
Well, there is very little feedback from team members or communication within the team so I was getting to the point of feeling like I was the only person doing anything. Thus, I wanted to get this out there so users could actually _have_ a better product.

I have had terrible luck using Bugzilla on your site and I don't really know why. For some reason, the query pages are not being sent in a way that the browser expects pages it is supposed to render should be sent. Thus, it just downloads them as a file it doesn't think it should open.

I wasn't able to reproduce the bug with your original description and neither was Tim. He is the one that understands that code so I was unsure what to do with this. I just tested it again with this description, tried to login with no password but the login sheet won't close unless there is a password so I still can't see how to reproduce this.

Also, most open source projects run a very quick upgrade cycle. That is doubly true for the projects that aren't tied to mission critical things.

It is also worth noting the lack of traffic on this community. It is starting to look like we are the only users. Perhaps if we released what we were working on more often, it would keep the user base alive (I know that some of the users are starting to think that not many people are working on the continuing development so they are starting to move to other things).

I hope I am not sounding like a jerk in saying any of this but things just aren't moving and I think that is a big problem.
Nov. 21st, 2003 09:45 am (UTC)
Check your email, William! I sent you an email way back on Oct. 19 with a possible fix for the problem you're seeing with the Keychain code. Since you're the only one who can reproduce this bug, it would be really cool if you would try what I suggested and commit a patch if that is indeed the problem.

Sorry for not following up on this. Lack of communication I guess.
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