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Just a few problems I've had...

I just downloaded iJournal v. 1.53, and tried it out. It's fine and all (I like the automatic saving feature!), but I've had a few problems with it...

1) I use iJournal as a client for both livejournal and deadjournal. I haven't had any problems with this until I tried out the new version. With the new version, I no longer can use it as a client for both journal sites... livejournal works fine and dandy, but when I try to log into deadjournal using the new version of iJournal, it seems to work, but then it just stops in the middle of logging in and brings up the login box again. I KNOW I'm using the correct password, as that password has always worked for me, but the new version of iJournal strangely just doesn't login to deadjournal.
2) This is a minor problem, but when you're logging in the username dropdown box no longer works for me. The site dropdown box works fine (I see both of the sites I use under it), but when I try to use the username dropdown box it's blank.

I don't know if this happens to just my system (I'm running Mac OSX v. 10.1.5). Maybe it is?

I'll stick with iJournal 1.52 for now, as I've really had no problems with it at all (other than the occasional unexpectedly quit problem, which I can deal with), and I look forward to the next release.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for providing a lovely journal client for my system! :)

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