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I downloaded iJournal because to me, the purpose of using a client other than the web client is to save my entries.

Tonight, iJournal crashed and lost an entry I'd stayed up an hour and a half to write. I have to get up at 6:15 to go to work tomorrow, and now I'm too angry to sleep.

I see from previous commentary that iJournal is supposed to save entries in this instance. Where, pray tell, does it save them? I can't find that anywhere.


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Nov. 30th, 2003 09:18 pm (UTC)
It just saves the entry in the preference file. It should be re-opened next time you run iJournal.

This is version 1.53, right?

If it crashed after you had hit "Post", it should work. If it crashed at some other random point, it may not have saved it. There is an option that will save the post every minute which you can turn on in the preference panel.
Dec. 1st, 2003 02:22 am (UTC)
A smells-like-crash-but-isn't I have found:

Sometimes 1.53 will log in and come up with the journal-to-post-in popup set to something empty:
,----, |  _______________     __________   ___________
[post] | (______________x)   (_Public__x) (_Default__x)   more toolbar...
`----' |

Where that empty pop-up would normally have your logged in user name.

If you hit 'post' without fixing this, it seems to go into a lock-up where you can't cut and paste your entry from the main text area.

But the rest is still active, and if you go to that blank popup and pick your normal journal (or a group), and hit 'post' again despite the fact that it's showing the spinny activity thing... it will really try to post it. And if it times out, you should get the error message and be able to cut and paste to TextEdit or something for safekeeping in case of glitch.

iJournal does NOT appear to save the entry in this case. I assume the sequence of events is 'press post', 'see which journal/community to post to and possibly hang', 'save entry', 'send entry'. If it hangs it never gets to 'save entry', I suppose.

(Oh, well, of course; the journal to send it to is part of the entry, isn't it. This journal, this security, this icon. All those other slowly proliferating gadgets at the bottom. And last but not least, what you spent an hour or half the night typing.)

New releases really might benefit from a polite warning that, developers are only human, bugs happen, users are testers in free projects like this, if you spend more than five minutes crafting an early post in a new release, turn a beautiful phrase, whatever, cut and paste to somewhere else... I know it has horrible undercurrents about what you use an LJ client for, to not have the precarious ephemerality of a web form you might close by accident, but: five seconds at most a few times versus wanting to maybe break your monitor.

I spent half last night putting together something very hard to say, very important to me and to its intended reader if it got there, and very much locked. Several agonizing hours of picking words with care and editing. I watch this community, I knew there were a few entries getting lost from cute little iJournal. Copy, Textedit on the dock, paste, hit 'post' feeling secure in that one small thing and deep worry about the reception of the content, not its journey. (Said reception was the best I realistically hoped for, by the way. I am fraught with guarded glee.)
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