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time bug

(Yes, yes, I know, put it in bugzilla - I'm too tired to hassle with creating an account on it to post a bug that way. Also this way I might find out if it's everyone or just me.)

iJournal isn't properly refreshing the current time when I start a new entry. The 'time' box gets filled in with the time of the last entry I made, and it's never updated. If I uncheck and recheck 'Use current time' it seems to grab the current time, but not actually show it in the time field. This has led to several mis-timed entries in my journal.

It seems to grab the time properly when I first launch it, but if I write an entry, close the window, and leave iJ running, then when I hit the dock icon later to summon a new window because I want to write an entry, it displays this behavior. And since I tend to leave programs open for days on end (desktop machine, it gets sent to sleep, not powered down), it's really really annoying, enough so that I'm switching to xJournal until it's fixed.

Also the .nib for the main window is broken - drag it out wider and the 'date' field grows, going over the 'time' label and under the 'time' field. I'd submit a fix I did but XCode doesn't seem to have properly remembered my CVS login details or something so I can't commit any changes... Set everything in the bottom row to be fixed-size and to be located relative to the right (that is, only horizontal spring shown in the 'size' panel of the info palette is on the right) and they won't overlap weirdly.

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