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Posting for uber-geeks, developers, and other people I would call sibling

Ok, I have created an optimized build of the latest DEVEL_1 sources. For some reason the SSH is being broken so I can't officially commit the source (and because my upstream here is very unstable, I removed it from the below image so I could upload it to a web server).

I don't recommend this download for anyone other than geeks who want to be bleeding edge. This download is not feature complete and I am the only one on the team doing any work with this branch of the project right now so nobody else can really give you any help with it. That means that anyone who downloads this will have to post replies to this LJ entry since the bugzilla for the rest of the project does not cover DEVEL_1 builds.

There is a ReadMe with the build which describes what this is. Note that this is not as feature-rich as the official release so don't grab this hoping to jump the gun on some new toy. This is here for geeks who want to be helpful and anyone outside the development team who is interested in helping out.


Once again, if you have any issues with this release, post a comment to this entry. Bear in mind that this release is not yet complete so normal users should probably not get it.

If you do decide to pick it up, however, thanks for helping me out,

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